Hello people of Earth!!! It's 1:23 pm right now and I'mk sad to say that I have only had 3 visitors today. =( Please tell your friends about this website so I can get more popularity. Just to make sure you do tell your friends about this website, I'll make you a deal. I will add the total number of visitors I will have tommorow and the number of visitors on the current date, and I will add the total number of visitors from both days and add that number of media items. for example; if today I have 3 total, and tommorow I have 11 total, I will add 14 new items to my website (not including blogs). 3 visitors today+11 visitors tommorow=14 new items on my website.

I have no idea what to type right now. Sooooooooooo...............what's going on? WAIT! I remember what I was going to say...er...type. My strange friend Bradley is making a website right as I type!!! It's called, "The Site of Pure Awesomness" Now you know why I call him demented. Anyway, the adress is waterwolf28.doomby.com, but that doesn't mean leave my site and go to his.

Bell's about to ring for class. Gotta go but I'll type more later. See ya!

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