Sorry about the last couple of days, but it was Thanksgiving Break, and my netbook was in the library at school getting fixed. Anyway, Bradley's website is not working so well, saying how he forgot his password to the site maker. He just gave up and is creating a new account. I have no idea what to write so I'm just going to talk about my favorite computer game. It's called Team Fortress 2, and it is an awesome online multiplayer first-person shooter game with great graphics. It has 9 different classes. The classes are:





Demo Man





My favorite class is the scout because it's one of the fastest characters and it has a shotgun as primary, pistol as secondary, and a steel bat as the third weapon.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, so, see ya later!

P.S. I'm only going to write a blog once a week instead of once a day. BYE!!! :V

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