100 Ways To Die In Skyrim

Ever thought of all the ridiculous possibilities of ways to die in skyrim? well i did and ventured on a quest to get these rather unfortunate... and Hilarious deaths PLEASE READ DESCRPTION!!! (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO)

FOR EVERYONE: no the game is not buggy. no i didnt use mods. yes i did use console commands, yes there were legit deaths.

this is the original 100 ways to die in skyrim

CHECK OUT THE 100 WAYS TO DIE IN SKYRIM BONUS VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVTlg2jkw58

Sony Vegas

I did not use mods however i did use console commands to get the desired affect! there are also random moments in this THAT WERE TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!

the song i used was "A little less conversation - Elvis (JXL Remix)

Q: what spell was that near the end?
A: Lightning Storm

Q: What armor where you wearing?
A: Steel Plate

Q: Why is this game so buggy and u die so much?
A: its not buggy, i just used various tricks to make it look like i died so quickly

Q: why you no have arrow to kneez deth?!?231one?!
A: because i was going to put an arrow to the knee death in the video, but then i took an arrow to the knee.

Q: dude why you use console commands for EVERY SINGLE DEATH?
A: i didnt, i only used console commands for most of them, there were a bunch of real deaths.

Skyrim Death list:
1. Meeting a giant
2. Shouting at a priest
3. Assaulting the jarl
4. Doin the Cartwheel
5. Being like an argonian
6. Jumping to your death
7. Not strong enough
8. Being Unaware
9. Fail enchantment
10. parkour
11. Tripping on hanging bones
12. Hitting a servant
13. Attacking the companions
14. Losing your footing
15. Pissing off the greybeards
16. Sawed
17. Fighting a bear
18. Ice spike to the face
19. Cutting yourself
20. Fighting a mage
21. Diving into shallow water
22. Blanking out
23. Dragons burned your house
24. Pissing off nature
25. Slippery rocks
26. Hitting a blacksmith
27. Being wanted
28. Running the skyrim Gauntlet
29. Running into people
30. Heart attack
31. Punching an oxe
32. Being witness to something
33. Jumping on the dinner table
34. Pretending to own a shop
35. Cooking bad food
36. Horse shot with an arrow
37. Meeting bandits
38. Cutting yourself again
39. Hurting a tree
40. Shout vs chicken
41. Hitting old people
42. Abusing your horse
43. Jumping in magma
44. Ditto
45. Making poison and trying it
46. Smashing your thumb
47. Flying with the birds
48. Falling on your pickaxe
49. Punchin cool people
50. Lolwut
51. Running into a pole
52. Slamming your head on a stump
53. Hammered
54. Tripping on a ketle
55. Abusing your housecarl
56. Hitting buff people
57. Meeting the Justicars
58. Falling down stairs
59. 1 hit punch
60. Fainting
61. Stairwell
62. Eating too much
63. Tripping off a bridge
64. Freezing to death
65. Under Cartwheel
66. Too much skooma
67. SLAM
68. Starting a town brawl
69. Choosing wrong combo
70. Bombing yourself
71. Overworking yourself
72. Indiana Jones Fail
73. Jumping Down a cavern
74. Treasure Hunting
76. Death by music
78. Slipping off a roof
79. Pushing
80. Stealing
82. Meeting a troll
83. Meeting the undead
84. Meeting a giant spider
85. Reading dragon language
86. Pretty waterfalls
87. Murder
88. River Rapids
89. Getting Blessed
90. Sneaking into an orc camp
91. Meeting a wolf
92. Reading
93. Messing with stormcloaks
94. Messing with legion
95. Cold water
96. Getting hit by a fish
97. More murder
98. Suicide
99. Being out of the world
100. DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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