CHRISTMAS CREED PARODY SONG (With Arms Wide Open Music Video HD Spoof)

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In this parody music video, which I can't decide whether to call "With Presents Wide Open," because that sounds perfect but I never actually sing that... I wake up to find my presents were opened by some surprise-ruining burglars. Hit it!

Well I just love the holiday.
Christmas Lights. Santa's Sleigh.
Early rise, I'm on the way.
When to my surprise, under the tree...
the presents were open.
Who opened my presents?
Who the f*** broke in
and started opening
my f***ing presents?
Who does that?
My presents were open.
They didn't touch like anything.
Just the stuff under the tree.
They didn't take the stuff
the presents had inside...
they just ripped the wrapping paper off.
F*** those guys.
My presents were open!
They ruined the surprise.
Broke into my place and opened everything.
My f***ing presents.
And left them neatly arranged.
Guess I'll tell my mom...
to rewrap everything.
My f***ing presents.

Written/Sung by Toby Turner / Tobuscus
Guitar by Eric Lewis

© 2013 Tobuscus"

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