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Welcome to Cooking Show! A new segment, planned way in advance, where celebrity chef Tobuscus guides you through the process of how to make hamburgers from scratch! He uses ingredients meant for an actual Food TV-style show and bought with a business card, intentionally, for the sole purpose of teaching everyone how to grill the best hamburger in America, in the comfort of your very own home!

While staying true to his culinary integrity, Chef Tobuscus outlines the best way to keep your hamburgers juicy while manning the grill like a pro, and never forgetting to tell you, the adoring, recipe-hungry audience, how to make a hamburger good, great and absolutely delectable!

Delicious recipes! Fun times grilling with friends! And, of course, the best hamburger recipe for any meal!

So, revel in the joy of learning how to cook an American-style burger with your friends while preparing a marvelous feast, here on Cooking Show!

Toby made me taste test his actual attempt at making a hamburger in a microwave and now I just got out of the hospital, so he's making me write this description for an online cooking show that has saved him from jail. It feels like something's about to burst from my stomach.

He even forced me to thank him for the microwaved, onion-stuffed hamburger. I'm 100% sure they were raw, but he insisted they were "Tartare, so it will be fine."

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