TOBUSCUS-what Does the Fax Say? (Ylvis The Fox Parody Music Video HD)

Made by tobuscus, also known as Toby Turner I posted this because the original version got banned, or there are roumers that someone named "Chance Walker claimed it was he's. I felt mad and alot of people looking for it, so here you go. The rest of the description is taken by the previous banned video: Get the MP3! (and fund my security team) Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) NEW Christmas Song! Consider Subscribing! :) Check out the 10 Hour Playlist! If this doesn't make any sense - go here and watch the "Inside North Korea" doc (free): North Korea is actually totalitarian as of 2009! Woops! Also, the fax is in Japanese. That's probably why they are asking what it says! Also read the news stories below! Unless you hate reading. And you do. Wait, you're reading this? You'd do that for me? I love you. Click for to make Subscribe! - LOOTCRATE IS AMAZING- Previous Song: Get this on iTunes! - Tobuscus SHIRTS & Minotaur plush! Previous Video - Animated Adventure: Join the Audience!! Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Signed DRW Posters Tobuscus Playlists: Main Channel - Daily Vlogs - (EU) Tobuscus Merch! Two days ago, North Korea's Kim Jong Un sent a threatening fax to South Korea. When I heard about it, I asked, "What did the fax say?" Parody ensued. LYRICS: Kim Jong Un's Stressing out. Killed his uncle just last week. Pyongyang sucks. Communism blows. Dennis Rodman doesn't know. They want to kill like everyone. Kim Jon Un goes Mu Ha Ha. They send a note the way they know how. What does the fax say? BEEP brrbrbrrb WHAT THE FAX SAY? Beep BRB BEEP BA DEE BEEP WHAT THE FAX SAY? No paper have to reload (repeat) WHAT THE FAX SAY? Murder murder everyone kill kill kill murder gonna die. Mur murder kill kill kill kill murder kill WHAT THE FAX SAY? Is it wise for me to post this parody video? If they saw, they would kill everyone I'd ever known. Fortunately, they do not have any access to YouTube. Cause it was banned by Kim Jong Un's dad. If you're caught they'll use deadly for or or or orce There are exceptions of cour our our our our ourse. What does the fax say? Back in my day I was awesome. Used to be all the rage. People used to fax but not anymore. WHAT THE FAX SAY? Someone just please use me. I will send a fax for free. Just please please please use me I'm lonely. BEE A HEE A HEE SHUT UP FAX Sorry WHAT THE FAX SAY? Someone USE MEEEEE WHAT DOES THE FAX SAY? The thing about the fax. It is obsolete. No one uses them anymore. Not since the 90s. We use computers now. Can I send you a phone? You can have my old iPhone 3. But there's no retinal display. But you'll probably be okay though. It's relatively really good. You'll have the best phone in town. (I want dat display tho. The retinal display tho.) For us it's pretty slow. I want to ship my obsolete iPhone to your home. (gimme the good display tho.) Written/Sung by Toby Turner / Tobuscus Instrumentals by Terabrite -"

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