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Toby Turner does another commercial starring his adorable tiny little dog Gryphon, who plays a fun part in the new Tobuscus Adventures video game, which you can help improve by donating here:
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Special Thanks to Zach Huddleson for playing the moving guy!

In this Trapped in a Commercial video, Tobuscus's dog, Gryphon (which is the way it's spelled, by the way, it's not "Griffin" or "Gryffin", since it's not a Harry Potter Hogwarts house), uses the convenience and freedom of -- the phone service with no contract, no cancellation fees and where you only pay for the minutes that you use. Ting is compatible with any smartphone, such as the HTC One. Nobody is getting paid to type this.*

Using his non-existent "dog money", Gryphon takes a few liberties to improve his quality of life, and takes his doggy revenge on Toby in the process.

He is one sick puppy!**

Steven's Note: *It's true, I'm not getting paid to type this, Toby is. **Toby made me keep the "sick puppy" joke, because he said that Gryphon wanted do it. Toby then left the room laughing while checking his phone. I don't even know who's in control anymore. Also, the funny dog voice takes an extra 4 hours to edit, so I missed my anniversary lunch with my now ex-girlfriend. All because they wanted to do a commercial starring a rich dog.

© 2013 Tobuscus"

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